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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Pay Your Respects for the Right Reason

There is a small group of people in this country who I pay no mind to and I won't even mention their name or affiliation because they don't deserve the airtime. Many of you are aware of what they sometimes do at the funerals of our Fallen Heroes. I will refer to them the same way the Patriot Guard Riders do, calling them Uninvited Guests or UGs. This week the UGs must have had a good laugh at the innocent people who were spreading their hateful propaganda for them.

As I prepared for the service of HT2 Justin McNeley, USN, KIA Afghanistan, I was bombarded with emails of people warning that the UGs had posted on their website and sent flyers out saying they were going to be at this service preaching their hate. So what did everybody do? They kept clicking on their website and forwarding this email with the attached flyer to all their friends urging them to please be at the service to counter the UGs' protest.

What's wrong with that, you ask? Number one, all the UGs had to do was print up an ugly little flyer and throw it into cyberspace and within literally hours, it was all over the country with little or no effort on their part. Surely they were laughing at all the seemingly do-gooders who inadvertantly spread their message of hate and bigotry. UGs are like terrorists, they feed on people's fear and anger. They were well fed this week, let me tell you. So what if they post on their website, that they are going to protest a funeral? The Patriot Guard Riders, if invited by the family, will always protect and shield the family from these domestic terrorists. Of the 40 or so Fallen Heroes' funerals we have attended, the UGs posted they would be present at nearly all of them and only showed once. They don't have to show, we spread the word for them.

The other thing that really bothers me is folks were telling people to attend the funeral because the UGs were going to be there. That is NOT the reason to attend the funeral of a Fallen Hero. We should be attending these services to show our RESPECT and SUPPORT for the Fallen and their families for their sacrifices on our behalf.

So please, next time this comes up, don't spread their hatred. Don't mention their name. Don't go to their website. Don't get angry. Don't talk about them. Don't give them one iota of your time or thought. Instead send an email to all your friends and tell them that an American Hero gave his or her life for their freedom and they can choose to attend the service to pay their respects.

"Be an American Worth Dying For" and please, "Don't Feed the UGs."


John Hulsey said...

Thank you. You are absolutely correct that the attention is completely on the wrong people. The funerals are not about the (possible) protesters. They are about honoring our fallen heroes.

I hope your words are spread far and wide.

mose68 said...

Well said. Thank you for educating well meaning people who would otherwise fall prey to the UGs. May God have mercy on their ungrateful souls.

Karen said...

Why would a decent person even go to their website in the first place, let alone pass on their hate speak? Pass on the honorable instead.

Moe Gay said...

Thank You Lorainne for pointing this out. The UG's or ungratefuls do not need the publicity,and you're correct everyone does their work for them. I will not give them the satisfaction of even acknowledging their existence. That passenger you are esorting deserves so much more than that.
Thank You for the Honor and the glory as you escort them Home.
By the way the slideshow is wonderful. Am I correct in assuming that the dappled gray was Mike, and the beautiful white was Lady? You have been blessed with 3 beautiful four legged angels.

Kay said...

Well stated Lorraine! As I have told many, the UGs have become irrelevant--if they disappeared tomorrow, the Patriot Guard would continue our mission to honor our fallen and those who have served. The best way to deal with the maggots is to ignore them. They feed off attention, so let's let 'em starve.