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Monday, May 2, 2011

My Mother's Day Gift

A year ago this week I penned a blog post titled Mother's Day, about a young lady named Shelby who was dying of cancer. Her mother was a customer at our Verizon store and she told my daughter, Jenn, that Shelby wanted Duke to carry her to final rest.

I've thought about Shelby often and just last week asked Jenn if she had heard any updates on Shelby. The last she had heard, Shelby had discontinued her chemo and was in hospice care.

Lately I've been spending one day a week at the store to give Jenn a break. I spend most of the day counting the hours til closing time and grumbling that I have to be there. Today was no different.

As I sat staring out the door wishing I was somewhere else, I watched a woman and a young girl make their way in. The girl was unsteady and walked with a cane, but she made her way determinedly. The mother recognized me and turned to the girl and said that's the lady with the horse and I instantly realized the girl was Shelby.

What a joy to finally meet the young lady that I had agonized over a year ago. She reports they removed her pick line and she was discharged from hospice yesterday. Her brain tumor is half the size. Oral morphine is controlling her headaches. Tomorrow she heads to Denver to see a specialist and learn what her options are.

I can't wait til quitting time so I can hurry home and tell Duke today was a good day at the office and he will get the chance to meet Shelby and not at her funeral. I couldn't ask for a better Mother's Day present. Thank you, Shelby!

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